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Nomake Wan
Artist | Photography
United States
Current Residence: I live in a small room on the second floor of a small house.
Favourite genre of music: Techno/J-pop/Eurobeat
Favourite photographer: I'm rather partial to SAT's photography.
Favourite style of art: Akiba.
Operating System: Windows XP Pro SP2
MP3 player of choice: iPod; now with automotive interface!
Shell of choice: Conch!!! (Sucks to your ass-mar!)
Wallpaper of choice: Ping-chan~!
Skin of choice: My own, thanks. But if you're offering...
Favourite cartoon character: For female, Natsuki Sasahara. And for male, Taishi Kuhonbutsu.

Whilst I kept driving, my dad did manage to snap some photos. Here are the ones he took.…
Missouri State Line. This one my dad managed to take while I was asleep and he was driving. Skills!…
A really pretty split in the storm we passed through. That storm was insane--most people pulled off to the side--but after you got through it the clear was pretty as all get out.…
This one's a big image. It's of a windmill farm in Texas. I only regret that the camera wasn't zoomed in all the way! These farms were amazing.…
I actually took this one right when we got to Oaklahoma because it was hilarious. Liberal Kansas!? WHERE!?

And now, to finish where we left off. I took off from Oaklahoma City and told myself that I would absolutely reach Albuquerque. So, determined, I drove as far as I could on my own. I managed to get to Texas (sorry, the camera failed on us so no pic of that) and through before resorting to eating a snack and drinking my emergency supply of MDX. That allowed me to get into New Mexico and tell myself things like, "only two more hours." "Only one more hour." I did make it, too. And funny thing... a dude in the dodge equivalent of the DSM hopped on the highway in Albuquerque, but aside from him and myself it was pretty empty. I'm in the far right, he gets into the lane just to the left of mine and speeds up. Paces me. Checks out the car... then falls back. I'm like, wow. That just happened.


We finally got to a rest area and my dad and I switched off. I collapsed in the passenger's seat, and the next thing I knew we were at some rest area someplace. It was sunny. But kinda cold. We had made it to the top of the Rockies. I forget the town we were near, but it was a checkpoint. After a quick snack I traded off with him and proceeded down into Cali. At this point, I noticed that thanks to my trooping from OK to NM we had actually managed to drive all the way from NY to CA in under 48 hours. About 46. And that counts the huge detour in Ohio.

I'd done it... I beat my dad's record for cross-country travel. This isn't the first time he's done a cross-country trip by a long-shot... but it's the fastest. Total, it took 51 hours to get from my house to my grandma's house in CA. But that was the detour in OH and rewarding ourselves with White Castle and In-N-Out Burger. Hahaha.

So here are the last two photos for the trip.…
Hell yeah! Under 48 hours travel time!!…
We traded off again...somewhere... again I forget. But I snapped this photo as we were about 10 minutes away from my grandma's place.

And that's it... I arrived safe and sound, and the car took the journey. On the car, though...

Well, it wasn't without hiccups. When we got to Needles, CA, we did have a slight overheating problem. We wanted to be going 75 MPH up a hill, so the cruise control kicked it down a gear and revved up to about 3000 RPMs. Except then our A/C kicked out and the engine temp gauge started to rise. We backed off on the speed and everything went back to normal. Thankfully.

Also, I have been having brake problems, but the trip re-broke what I'd patched. I had Mark Mann lube up the stuck brake pistons and free them, but the trip made them stick again. So there's brake dust and rust all over the wheels and tires now, and I'll have to replace lots of parts. Oh well.

And cars here make me jealous. Yes, yes, I know my SVX is a beater... but... even beaters here look better. It just ain't fair, I tell ya!

Check y'all later... I'm going to bed.
  • Listening to: Grateful Dead
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  • Playing: IDW Radio
  • Eating: In-N-Out Burger
  • Drinking: Root Beer


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